36.38 PORTUGAL, Azores, Faial, Capalinhas

In Capalinhas, on a new piece of land that has been created after a volcano outburst in 1957.

“A new land, a new horizon, the tenth volcano in a row. It is the next step. Atlas is rising from the depth of the ocean to create a new part of a continent. As other parts will go down, some parts will come up. 

This is a metaphor for your world. Some things in your society will dissolve, because they are at the end of their cycle, and some new things will arise, because they have the seeding power of the new future. What your task is is to feed, to nourish, to water the seeds, to feed the new. So the small initiatives can bloom and will be able to give fruit in the end. 

Don’t think you need to work big, but be precise. Listen to guidance, listen to what needs to happen, so you water the right things. This whole water ceremony has been exactly that, to water the plants of the future, to support the leaders of tomorrow. Keep on doing this, because that’s how you build a network, connecting the dots, telling the stories, involving young people, creating ceremonies through which people can be inspired and encouraged to do what they need to do and to follow their heart. It is one of the most difficult things and yet the most easy, to follow the heart. But by awakening these warriors of the heart you help to create the future on planet Earth.” 

Question: in which way is what we are supposed to do different from others that are fighting for a different world?

“There is a difference between a negative intention and a positive intention. A negative intention pushes other people down, ignores their reality, or even denies their reality. A positive intention acknowledges that everyone has their own path and their own karma to go through. So there is no duality or adversary whatsoever, it is not against anybody or anything, it is pure creation from source, which is different than a reaction to another person’s creation. 

So we like to invite you to work from that positive intention, and this needs constant monitoring, constant awareness. Don’t fight against, but fight for your purpose. Don’t compare with others but see your own strength. Don’t make others smaller to find your own greatness and leadership. Listen to spirit and find your own way.”