36.37 PORTUGAL, Azores, Madalena, The Third Secret of Fatima

We have just witnessed the procession of Fatima on the isle of Pico, in Madalena, the day before. And we tune in to the third secret of Fatima, and on Luzia and Mother Mary.

“There is a reason why she was called Luzia: she was the one who saw the Mother, who acknowledged the Mother and who received the visions of the Mother. One of those visions was the importance of Russia to return to the Mother Church, to acknowledge the Great Mother Mary as a protectress of the Soviet Union in that time. 

The third secret had to do with the downfall of the masculine, of the Vatican. It was not so much about the shooting of a pope, but more about the patriarchal side of the church that would collapse. And basically the third secret is the return of the feminine. Whether you call it Mary Magdalene, or the Great Mother, or Mother Mary, or Mother Earth, doesn’t really matter that much. It is that feminine principle that is arising and of which you are the front runners, the pioneers who awaken the feminine, the divine feminine; because there is a connection between the feminine in men and women and a divine principle of giving birth, of creating a new world, of transition and transformation. It is making the Earth new again. But for this you need the feminine energy – and also the masculine energy, but in a renewed form. First the feminine will awaken and then she will carry and activate the masculine energy, the Christ energy. 

So since 2000, actually since the 60ies, this feminine energy has come forward again, through many women in the West and in other places of the world. It’s becoming more and more manifest. Because you are looking at the wounds of patriarchy, you are looking at the remnants of a dinosaur era of power, and status, and might, and money. A new era is starting in its smallest form, the little seeds are being planted and from these seeds powerful trees will grow. 

The era of the Great Mother acknowledges both men and women equally. It acknowledges the small and the vulnerable and fragile, instead of the powerful. It acknowledges nature and the earth and the animals. It acknowledges the four elements and the fifth element of love. It is not a religion but a heartfelt spirituality. It is not an organization, but more a feeling of connection with the divine inside yourself. It is more an opening of the heart than a book of knowledge and laws. It is not about obedience, but about surrender. Surrender to this greater divine feminine, this divine power that supports you and honors you and keeps you in her bosom as her children. Become like the children again. Trust. Follow your heart. Surrender. And play. Because it is in playing that creation takes place. 

We honor the work you have done on the isle of Pico, which used to be a temple for the Mother as a lightpoint, a coming together of five elements forming a pyramid, both towards the sky, as well as towards the earth. Now is a time to rest, to integrate and to retreat, to let things develop and evolve by itself. The work is done, the stone has been lifted, and light will shine on to the world as a great, great blessing.”