36.36 PORTUGAL, Azores, Pico, The Voice of the Whales

Tuning in to the voice of the whales.                                                                       

“We are your ancestors from a very long time ago. While you made the decision to evolve into land creatures, we stayed in the oceans. But we are from the same origin, you are our brothers and sisters, even if we do not look the same anymore. In the essence we are still from the same species, arriving on this planet to explore new ways of consciousness. Our experience of time is very difference. While you experience air time, we experience water time. It is more dense, but also more slow. 

Our memory goes back eons. We take care of the libraries of the oceans, memories stored in water about creation. Because water is about creation, everything starts in the water. Just like you. But since you forgot where you came from, you lost connection with the source. We are here to remind you again of who you are. You get lost in your fast boats, they are funny, but it is not who you are, and it doesn’t bring you to your source or essence. 

For this you have to listen closely and receive, not hunt for information, but open up to the cells of your body, to the water inside of you. Everything is already there. You don’t need to make the earth perfect or better. It is already a paradise. 

You came hearing our call, and what has happened is that we have sent out our wisdom into your bodies, which will express itself through the coming weeks and months and years to come. Don’t worry about it, how that will work, it is already installed in the cells of your body. A new blueprint of humanity. Because you will evolve into a next stage, or you will go down chasing each other, like you were chasing us. 

Many blessings and trust that everything will become clear within time.”

(Aldeia de Fonte, 11/5/23)