36.35 PORTUGAL, Azores, PICO, The Council of Atlantis

“Greetings, we are from the Council of Atlantis. It is not a name we used for our country, but you remember it as such. It became a myth, a story of time long forgotten. But let me tell you we were a reality, far back in time. But through the work you do, opening up the portal between your time and our time, we are able to speak and share our wisdom. 

We were a civilization that worked through telepathy. We had a high level of spiritual development. The earthly manifestation of our civilization became more and more important. We got entangled or you could say lost in the matter of things, in the material world. We got trapped in the material world, in the continent we called Gaia, the Mother. In a way we were smothered. We lost our source, we lost our connection to where we came from, from the stars. We were fascinated by this planet on which you can create on a physical level, plants and animals and all living beings, and we could name them and play with creation. Slowly we became enchanted by our own creation. Thus we became more and more dense. Our bodies became more physical. Till at a certain moment our civilization, through hubris, went down into the waves of the ocean. We couldn’t stop it, even if we tried to. We were caught in our creation more and more. 

Now with you coming here the circle is round, we connect again. We are your ancestors, but we are you as well. We live on through you and in you. Because time is an illusion. You think you live your life within time and space, but your soul is not, your soul is beyond time and space and that is where we are. So the more you become transparent and can let go of your ego, of your personality, of your clinging to material things, the more you will connect to your soul again. So basically the whole process is to go from lost to soul. While we went down, you go up. It’s a reversed process, and in this way a healing process. So do you understand that by delving deeper into yourself, into your personal story, you enter into this collective story, this collective memory, and you can only do that together as a group, opening the door between the dimensions. 

So we invite you in the coming days to delve deeper into the ocean, connect with the water, connect with the whales, because they are the living libraries of the earth. They are your soul brothers and sisters. Don’t be deluted by the outer form, but look deeper, look with your heart and you will recognize each other as the same beings in a different form. By healing yourself, you release us from our downfall. Because we are you and you are us.”

(Aldeia de Fonte, 09/05/23)