36.34 PORTUGAL, Azores, PICO, Lost in this World

A woman asks: why do I feel so lost in this world?

“First we would like to say that we are thankful to be part of your group process. We know it is not easy, but it is very worthwhile, very precious. Because what you are doing on a personal level has big implications on a world level. You might not be aware of that, but you are pioneering a way through uncharted territory, like the sailors who sailed across the ocean and were confronted with their fears of the unknown, with the fear of being lost. 

Now in a way you could say that humanity is lost. It lost its way in the universe, being disconnected from its universal family, and you’re slowly getting ready to be reconnected to your galactic brothers and sisters. This is what has been written about the downfall of consciousness: it is the downfall of getting lost, of being disconnected from source and all living creatures. In your pain and suffering you became arrogant, thinking you were the only ones, but you are part of a circle of life, part of a family of souls. Some incarnated as animals, as whales and dolphins, as birds, as trees and rocks. Together you make up the whole living ecosystem of Mother Gaia. 

So when you encounter this feeling of lostness, embrace it, go deeper into it. And the more you understand it is part of this greater story, the more it evaporates. It becomes transparent and an entrance to deeper knowing. Your wounds are hidden presents, hidden gifts of wisdom. So you will discover the wise woman in you, the crone, the one who knows, and the one who remembers. This is your initiation. As we asked you in the beginning of this week: put on your crown. Now wearing a crown is not always a joy. Sometimes it weighs on you, because it gives you a responsibility that is bigger than your personal life. This is why crowning is not an easy thing. You need to deserve it, and you need to be able to carry it. In feeling lost you find yourself.”

(Aldeia de Fonte, 9/5/23)