36.33 PORTUGAL, Azores, Pico, The Memory of the Ocean

“The most obvious is right in front of you: the water. It contains memories of all of history, it is like an enormous memory bank, containing the history of your civilizations, your evolution, the species that came before you, and the different phases of human development. That same water is part of you, you’re just a cell with a small part of that memory bank. Yet if you open up as a group to the memory of the ocean you’ll receive the information and the wisdom you are looking for. This is what you are here to do. To know where you come from, to remember you were part of an ancient civilization, living here eons ago, spreading out to different continents and coasts. Coming back here you remember yourself, literally you become more whole, you reconnect with the source of your civilization, before it got scattered in different tribes, different cultures, different civilizations. Welcome back – to… (ik hoor een naam, maar een andere naam dan Atlantis).”