22.46 SPAIN, Pravia, King Silo of the Celts

Anne and me had a night in Pravia, in Asturias. I stand near the statue of king Silo, Rei Silo, one of the first kings after king Pelagius. He reigned from 774 until 783, and on his shield I see six birds, might be raven birds. When looking at him, I do not see a catholic king but a Celtic king. I can feel his energy.

“We were Celts, not Christians. We combined the adoration of the mother Cale, from our ancestors, with the new civilization coming from Rome. But we kept our own identity, our own culture. Until we were finally taken over, from inside out and from outside in. We were assimilated by the Christian faith, just like in your countries in the North. We lost our roots, we lost the essence of our identity, as brave warriors, autonomous, and this is how our battle for our freedom against the Moors turned into a war machine, conquering most parts of the world, La Reconquista. It resulted in the Inquisition, in conquering South America, parts of Africa, the northern countries: Belgium, Holland, France… Everything we stood for – integrity, honesty, truth, valour – got lost in a way, because the shadow of this empire grew and became overwhelming, smothering the origin, the roots of our western culture, the Celtoi, dedicated to the Mother Cale.”