22.45 SPAIN, A Coruna, The Eightfold Path

In A Coruna, the most North-Western point of Spain, near a light tower and a wind rose.

“Follow the eightfold path between the upper world and the lower world. Here is a connection between the three worlds: the world of light, the future, the gods, cosmic energies; the human world with all its duality, strife, disappointments and joys; and the third is the lower world, the underworld with its demons and emotions and darkness. During your week in the Azores you will have the possibility to connect the three worlds and to find your inner direction. Focus on your own path. Only the heart knows. Maybe you have to go down into the lower emotions, the lower self, maybe you have to go up and grasp for the stars. Maybe you have to connect with other kindred spirits, with other tribes. Each path is unique, each path has its own laws and its own challenges. Don’t despair, don’t look at others for your path, just follow your own steps. At the end of the road the gate will open and you will see the land in front of you.”