36.31 PORTUGAL, Azores, Pico, Dreaming the Future

“Welcome to our gathering. In springtime all of our species come together to dreamfast, to share our dreams and create the future. This is our way of contributing to the evolution. But there is a disturbance in the field. It becomes harder and harder for us to cocreate and dream the future. That’s why we have invited you to join us, to delve into the ocean and to swim with us, metaphorically and physically. Join us in holding hands and fins, opening up to the collective consciousness, so we can invite the energies of the grandmother Sedna. Welcoming her back home to our planet. Melting her ice from her long journey. So that the information that is stored in the nitrogen and the ice particles will become fluid and tangible and unleash its wisdom and new codes of dna for future species. 

Welcome and enjoy, it’s in playing that you will reach the highest wisdom.”