22.44 SPAIN, Oviedo, King Pelagius Speaking

Anne and me are sitting in a bar in Oviedo, on the road of Santiago de Compostela, the capital of the region, and we tune in to Pelagius, a king from 791, who conquered the Moors, after which the Reconquista started: winning back the Spanish territories. We hear the sound of church bells.

“There is a battle going on, an archetypal battle between the small and the big, between the village of Asterix and the Roman army, between the Celts and the Catholics… It has always been the same archetypal battle between the ones that would stand up for truth and justice, for the feminine, for that which is vulnerable and fragile, against systems that promote power, status, might and wealth. Just as in our time we fought against a great army, an overwhelming power that had already conquered all of Spain and Portugal. But we stood our ground, we prayed to the Madonna, we held up our flag, we kept the torch burning. And by doing this, by not surrendering and speaking our truth, we conquered, we won the battle. The physical fight was just the result of it. It was more our conviction, our strength of soul that made all the difference. 

This is what I want to give to you: this strength, this power to believe in yourself, to stand up for what is true to you in your time. To be honest. Not to be perfect or morally superior, but to be true to your heart in all vulnerability and honesty. 

Your sword is your pen, to write your truth down. Your battle is about the earth, and your patrones is Gaia, Mother Earth, the great goddess. The best thing you can do for her today, is to honor her, to kneel down and ask her support and guidance, just as we did before the battle started.”