36.31 PORTUGAL, Azores, 9 Islands

Ton and Agnes in the Whale house, on the full moon of April 6th 2023. We just returned from the Embassy of the Free Mind, the centre of the Bibliotheca Hermetica Philosophica, with old manuscripts and Kabbala books. We now connect in the Whale House with the crystal skull Amigo and feel the Azores and the whales.

“9 islands in the Atlantic Ocean, 9 gates to a collective unconsciousness. Each gate is an initiation into a deeper level of understanding, and when you go through these 9 gates you will be submerged and connected to the consciousness of the whales, who are messengers of the cosmos, messengers of planet Sirius, bringing higher knowledge and universal wisdom to this planet.

In the time that Hades is entering Aquarius and darkness will come to the surface, you have a huge possibility to get acquainted to higher understanding with the cosmic light codes that will open up a portal to heavenly energies. This you will need in the coming times to understand what is happening on earth and what you are going through on the three dimensional level.

More and more you will see from a higher perspective that everything that happens within reality is a reflection of the divine, is part of a universal process of divine evolution, mirrored in humanity. While one era is going down, another is coming up. This process of going down will be accompanied by disasters and floods and the breaking down of an old patriarchal system, while that which is growing and coming into existence is fragile, unseen, unknown like a flower just popping its head up on the surface of the earth, heralding spring after a long winter time.

Connect yourself to the new era and let the old crumble down in grace. Don’t fight it. Don’t resist it. Don’t try to help it to get alive again. Let the dead bury the dead. Commit yourself to the new life, to the generations to come, to the eons that are still in the future, waiting for this moment of birth, of rebirth. You are the midwives and midmen and are holding this space for this new baby of humanity. Connect with each other to hold the space, to hold the light and to hold the circle of hearts that is opening the doorway to nith gate.”