36.30 PORTUGAL, Azores, Madalena, The Consciousness of Water

Ton hears the voice of the deep sea mammals.

“Deep deep in the ocean we swim in this enormous mass of water. Our sonar scans the environment, but we also scan time and space. In a way you could say that water is time. This enormous mass of water represents time on earth. You are not aware of it, you are IN it, but actually it is a certain amount of time. It is a mass quantity and you are becoming aware of it. 

That is why you feel so heavy at the moment. Because when you peak outside of it, outside of time, you touch upon the eternal. The eternal brings you in contact with wisdom, with immortality, with that which is unchangeable and everlasting. You have to step out of your superficial world to go deeper, deeper into time. Leave your rational mind behind, because it won’t help you. It can go only so far, but it cannot reach the depth of the ocean. It would suffocate. 

You have to use your sonar. The sonar in your bodies is your heart. Your heart is like a compass, navigating through the depth of the ocean, through the deep waters of time. This will make you happier, because it connects you to all living creatures and al living substance on this planet. 

The world you are creating as humans on the surface, is literally superficial. But it also creates a layer of death, by creating technology that is not life giving. You create a construction of the mind. We invite you to leave that behind, to sink into your bodies, to connect to the bottom of the ocean. Because this is where the gold is waiting, the treasures of humanity, so you can move forward to the next great age. Your evolution has not ended yet, you will grow into another human form by enlarging your… I would say brain – but it is not your brain, it is your awareness that is all over your body, let’s call it: your ‘wiring’.

You have so much more capabilities than you are aware of. You are using only 10%, not only of your brain, but of your body. Your bodies are a vessel that contains consciousness, that is being created by consciousness, and that recreates consciousness. You have put the divine or God outside of yourselves as a separate and fictional entity, but really you are that divine creature ànd creation at the same time.

Water is God, is conscious mass. You came out of the water as a separation of this conscious mass, but you are still part of it. You have to reconnect to that large awareness. You have to go back to the source, to God consciousness. Reconnect, like you do with your computer or telephone, reconnect to the large web of life, that is ever present and all around you. Don’t cut yourself of further in the direction that you are heading to. You have to reconnect. 

Let indigenous people show you the way, because they have the tools, they know how to do it, and they have the wisdom to discern which is which, which is good for you and which is not. 

When you are gathering the tribe, you invite people back into this evolutionary web of life and out of the construction of death, out of the superficial world, into a meaningful universe. Because that is what we try to express, this whole universe is full of meaning, full of soul, full of heart. Reach for the deepest place inside yourself, find the treasure and become alive.”