36.29 PORTUGAL, Azores, Madalena, Sedna Lady of the Whales

Ton, Anne and Agnes in the Whale house. Ton is tuning in to Sedna.

“I am Sedna, Lady of the Whales, Lady of the Seals and the Dolphins, all the sea mammals,  but I am also the Lady of the Sea and the Oceans, the deep sea. Water is the liquid form of consciousness and it connects all of us, sea creatures, humans, all animals, all swimming through this ocean of consciousness. 

I also symbolize the Lady of Deep Space, bringing wisdom from ancient times from before the origins of mother earth out from the cosmos, the cosmic womb, while heralding change, remembering the ancient, remembering the source of your existence.

Since you have divorced from the source, going deeper into separation, into destruction, into corruption, into annihilation, I came to remind you of the original balance of things, the balance of the elements; the original connection between human beings and their creation, the creator, the creatrix. 

It is from within, your blood, bones and water that I am speaking; I am not outside of you. I am you, in your deepest essence, a place you are not yet aware of yourself.

You are my children, my great great grandchildren. I am your mother, your grand grandmother. I am ancient, I am both light and dark, both young and old, both shiny and pitch black. I am both joy and wrath. I am furious and happy.

Can you stand my power and surrender to it, so you will blossom and survive? I will talk to you about human survival, because if you don’t survive, we don’t survive and the planet won’t survive. It will become a dead planet in the cosmos. Be aware of the interconnectedness of everything. Your existence, existence of the animals, the plants, the trees, the mountains and the waters.

It is not either-or, it is and-and. I come to remind you that you are the creators of your fate. I come to remind you of the powers you have to change your fate; if you are willing to surrender to wisdom. Not to the ego; that will make you small and stupid.

Remember your greatness, remember your power of conscious dreaming. The power of creation, the power of connection. Because if you all connect your souls and hearts together, you become one big wave, a tsunami of consciousness., a tsunami of light that will encompass the earth and the oceans.

I am rising from the deep to come to the surface of your awareness. The more you let me in, the more you surrender to my being, the more powerful you become. Because I am you in its many forms. I am the One and the many.

Go beyond the limitations of your mind, the limitations of ego-centeredness and the limitations of duality, of ‘either-or’. Open your heart to the totality of existence. Open your heart to the paradox of living on this planet. Know that we are all one family and that I am your mother.”

Message of the whales:

“Welcome to our gathering. In springtime all of our species come together to dreamfast: to share our dreams and create the future. This is our way of contributing to our evolution.

But there is a disturbance in the field. It becomes harder and harder for us to co-create and dream the future and that’s why we have invited you, to join us, to delve into the ocean and to swim with us, metaphorically and physically. 

Join us in holding hands and fins, opening up to the collective consciousness. This way we can invite the energies of the grandmother Sedna. Welcoming her back home to our planet, melting her ice from her long journey, so that the information that had been stored in the nitrogen and the ice particles will become fluid and tangible and unleash its wisdom and new codes of DNA for future species.

Welcome and enjoy. It is in playing that you will reach the highest wisdom.”

(13/3/2023 in the Whale House)