36.28 PORTUGAL, Azores, Madalena, The Queen of Atlantis

Tuning in to our journey to Pico, because we experience some trouble with organizing the logistics. We have just created a constellation of the island, and lit a candle in the town of Madalena. We would like to know the message of the journey. 

“You are trying to control that which is uncontrollable. Instead of managing locations and transportation, you can better tune in to the higher purpose of the journey. Because it is beyond the logistical dimension that this work is taking place. Instead of moving from the practical to the higher dimension, you better do it the other way around: tune into the higher dimension – like you’re doing right now – and from there the physical will manifest itself. 

By tuning in to this higher purpose, you cannot even grasp the greatness of the energetic work that you are about to be doing. It is of the highest order, and you have to treat it as such. Don’t delude it with mere practical issues. They are needed, but they will come in time as a result of the energetic work. 

Pinpointing the energies on Pico – the point – you connect to all the other sacred power places in the world, connecting this tribe of light workers, connecting to so many hearts and souls that are out there working on their own, doing valuable work, but it is so much more powerful if you get organized, if you activate the web of light. And at this place on the island of Pico, and especially in Madalena, you have an enormous influence and power to light the beacons. 

But because this is such a powerful place, there is a lot of resistance – in yourself, in the group of people you travel with, and in the collective field. It doesn’t want to be activated or enlightened, because the darkness is overwhelmingly strong. 

So the process towards this end point is of major importance. It is through the outer and inner process of getting there, through the journey, that the work is being done, that you overcome all the obstacles, all the hindrances, all the emotional resistance, all the physical resistance. By overcoming the darkness you will lighten the way. 

Think of the island and the volcano as a candle, as a portal of light, in which you can connect again with the ancient wisdom of Atlantis, before it was destroyed, before it got corrupted, before it got deformed by hubris and spiritual arrogance. There was a high civilization using crystals and mind control to work together with the natural elements. But when people started to use this for their own purposes, their own egocentric needs, things went out of balance and the whole continent collapsed into the ocean. 

So for you it’s important to surrender to the higher purpose, surrender to the divine, and let go of your personal ego needs. It is in this surrendering, in this opening up to receive higher knowledge, that the purpose of this journey is being fulfilled.

Awaken, awaken, let the temple be opened, the temple of mother Earth, the temple of the heart, the temple of creation. Open up that which has been lost and forgotten. Open the temple of the feminine, the mother goddess, the great mother of the oceans, the queen of Atlantis.”