25.55 UK, Schiehallion, The Faun and the Nymph

“My name is Wills-o’-the-wisp. I am a guardian of this waterfall. I live here. It is my house, together with my lovely wife, a waterfaun, a nymph. I love her and I adore her, because she is so gorgeous. We love each other every night and every day. Part of our lovemaking is creating this surrounding and vice versa: the nature is creating us. All of our lovemaking is part of this greater organic, erotic web of life, that is so vibrant here. It is in the stones, in the plants, in the water, in the mountains, in everything. We are part of that. 

When you open up as human beings you can feel us and you become part of it as well. But you have separated yourself, in your houses, your cars and in your little instruments that you use to call other people. You have separated yourself from the Mother, from nature and from us. That is our greatest grief. Long ago we co-existed in a natural balance. You were part of the web of life just as we,  in a little more denser reality than us. Now you have created this fake reality and you disappear more and more into the box of your mind. 

The mind is illusion, but fantasies set you free. Here you can play, paint with the colors of the wind. When you play with the streams and the flow of the water, play with your breath, your body and your genitals, you enter again into that vast source of life.

We want to invite you to put away your little instruments and come and join us. Be present. Be alive. Be playful. Be joyful! It is in this joy that creation is taking place. This is how you will create a future planet in which we all live together. 

We know you are in the hardest place as a species and that you are lost in the labyrinth, but we are here to remind you of it, to show you the way out. To enjoy the sunshine on your face and the light behind your eyelids, and the fantasies you have. Fantasies and dreams are more real than you think. They are other realities and they connect you with that source. 

Don’t be shy. Don’t hold yourself back – becoming civilized, neat and advanced – but go back to who you are and let your heart speak. 

Now I will let my wife speak…”

“I don’t have much words. 
I love you.
My love for you is endless, 
and yet very intimate and personal.
I have tears in my heart when I cannot reach you. 
Tears of the Mother. 
But also tears of compassion, tears of beauty, tears of love. 
That is the innate feeling I have for you as a person, and as a species. 
Come, let yourself be drowned 
and intoxicated by the Water of Love 
and I play with you, 
and bring you youthfulness and vigor, 
so you feel born again 
into my arms…”