36.21 PORTUGAL, Azores, The Message of the Whales

Ton and Agnes in the Whalehouse, connecting with the Whalebone skull Dario. Ton is receiving information from the counsel of Whales and receives a golden book of Atlantis. This is the message: 

“It is not over yet, you are in the midst of great transformation, and as always that causes a lot of upheaval, discomfort, uncertainty and a feeling of loss and death. The old needs to crumble down before the new can arise. We have witnessed the painful process of Atlantis. A former civilization was going down into the waves of the ocean and with it a lot of good and bad disappeared. 

Duality was fought out in its most extreme. People worked with the power of crystals and the power of the five elements. But it got corrupted and misused and thus the whole fabric of life collapsed.

Now you have a possibility to do the same when you as humanity, as a group consciousness, will act from fear, you will perish. So the one thing we would like to give you is the key of compassion, because that opens the door to love. Compassion does not make everything right, does not smooth over the painful or blind spots of humankind. It looks darkness straight into the eye. Not to judge it though, but to comfort it. And to bring light and joy into the darkness 

We as Whales hold the energies of Time. Time is like your mother; you are in the womb and time is all around you. But there is a moment when you will be born out of Time. You will be released from the karma, the endless cycle of time. There will not only be a day out of time, but a whole cycle, a ‘year out of time’. And in ‘this time beyond time’ everything in your reality will become fluid and transparant. It will be the great initiation ritual for humankind. Everything you will feel and perceive on many levels at the same time. 

Now this can be highly confusing, highly disturbing, yet highly healing. Don’t try to control it. Don’t try to grasp what is happening in your own lives or the planet. Just surrender to the process and trust the process. Because when you come out on the other side you have learned your lesson. 

Now as you know, you are the path-finders, the pioneers, the ones walking in front and that gives an extra load to bear. Stay connected with all your like-minded souls, the 144.000 light bearers, the rainbow warriors. It is not that you are more special, but you are more connected and thus you have a heavier load to bear. We will connect with you through our organic consciousness. 

As Whales we connect with each other through the collective field and through sonar. Thus we hold the energy of the evolutionary process of this great blue planet earth. Hold her in your heart, see her as a new paradise.

You are living in the days of creation. And it is not yet the 7th day but that will come. It is the 6th day of the creation of humankind, fully embodied souls in their physical manifestation.”