15.19 TIBET, Kailash, The Spiritual Warriors of Shambhala

‘Reality is flexible. There is no fixed reality, even if it seems so. You always have a choice to do things differently. The moment you make that choice, your reality changes, because your personal reality follows your decisions. So it is very important that you know you are never stuck. You can always change your reality. You can always make the decision to step out of the rut and change the course of history. This is the importance of free will. We cannot emphasize this enough. When you choose to change your path, you enter a different dimension. It is within this dimension, coming from freedom, that you are connected again to the higher sources of inspiration, to the Books of Wisdom. So you need to remind yourself that you can always make a choice to step out of the normal way of doing things. The freedom that comes from this, gives you the possibility to move into a higher frequency of being. 

This is to say to you: whatever happens in the coming weeks – if you travel in China – that you always have a choice; that you can change the plan, that you are not stuck in any way. 
You can always say: this doesn’t feel good, let’s move to another way of doing things, and by doing this, you move to another dimension. You have incredible power, because by changing your own reality, you change the collective reality. And that is why you are going to China. Because by your movement, by your journey, you are influencing the collective field in an incredible way. That is the purpose of your journey to Shambhala: to open the collective field for the vibes and energies of the spiritual warriors of Shambhala. If you can open the gate, this energy can flow into the world and can be used by many people.  They will suddenly remember who they are and remember they have the choice of free will, that they can stand up against control and fear, who will always try to put people in the rut, in the mechanism of routine. The moment they step out of that, they step out of the fear, they step out of the control and they step out of the system. Then the system doesn’t have any power anymore over people.’