29.19 ISRAEL, Jerusalem, A New Being of Oneness

Tuning into Jerusalem.

‘There is a final gate. It is the gate of the reunion of the masculine and the feminine. It is the gate of oneness in which all different aspects come together. It is like the top of the pyramid. But to reach this top and to go through this gate, you have to surrender and face the fear of losing yourself. Just like an egg and a sperm will change definitely when they meet each other and become one and thus create new life. So you are both in a process of letting go of your identity, or your structure that you have held on to, which gave you security and a sense of meaning. But to go through that final gate you have to lose that, to become a new identity, a new being of oneness.

You can call this the christ consciousness, but it encompasses both the masculine and the feminine. It is a divine energy that is going to be embodied within couples that reach this state of awareness.

This can only happen if there is a large network, the base of the pyramid to support this union, because this is ultimately a collective en endeavor that is in service of all of humanity. So it needs this tribe of likeminded people who are all striving towards this feeling of oneness and know the wounds of separation, the pain of duality, the pain of war. In Israel there is this huge alchemical process of the most extreme duality, but also a longing for the greatest union, of a coming together on all levels. A union of muslims, jews and christians. A union of Palestine and Israel. A union of all world religions. But basically a union of both male and female. It is the top of the pyramid, the apex. At the same time it is the deepest place on earth in Jericho, the Dead Sea. It is these two points, the highest and the lowest, that come together in the heart.’

(Ton: I see a kind of nuclear fusion happening, going through the world like a shock wave…)

‘It’s not about doing anything, although you can do many things. But it’s about being… one.’

(07/11/2020, Hofheide, Nieuwrode)