29.20 ISRAEL, Magdala, Healing Conference 2021

Focussing on the Healing Conference of the coming year, from May the 5th.

‘Beyond the known, beyond what you can see or understand, is another realm. A realm of magic, a realm of higher energies, that contain all the possibilities for the future of humankind. The moment you tap into this higher energy, you are opening a door to these many possibilities. You are opening a door to the celestial spheres. This can only be done when you open your heart and become wondering as a child with open eyes and an open mind and an open heart. Because within the myriad of thousands of possibilities you will recognize that star of purpose, that star of destiny that will lead you to the highest outcome for everyone involved. It is spirit guiding you home, to remember who you are and why you came here in the first place. It is remembering your purpose and destiny on planet Earth, as a species. 

Are you willing to bow down and surrender your own ego, mind, to a higher intelligence, which is not something outside of you, but it’s something of which you are a part. By acknowledging this greatness, by surrendering to this higher spirit, you become who you are meant to be. Adam kadmon.’