15.20 RUSSIA, Sheremetyevo, (Ras)putin

‘I am Rasputin, the magician, but you know me better in this life as Putin. I have been striving for power a long time, to bring this nation back on the world map. I want Russia to be proud of itself again. But I need your help in this. Because I know I only have a part of the puzzle, and you have another valuable part, which is not in my possession. I know I have to bow my head for this to become more humble, which is not my strongest quality. I have always lived my life from power instead of love. And yet it is this that is most needed in my country – which I understand, but I don’t have the skills to give it to my people. You have to understand that within our society vulnerability is not very highly regarded. You have to be a strong man, you have to stand firm. So that is what I do, but I understand more and more that it is this other feminine quality that is needed for my country to evolve to get a deeper  understanding of our lives. 

Please give me information, give me wisdom about this, so we can re-integrate it into our culture. We can rediscover it and thus restore the ancient lineage of the Tsars. Not for their worldly power, but in their times there was an openness towards the spiritual knowledge of our people and we are still searching for that. So you see it is urgent, it is like a young man waiting to be initiated, waiting to learn. 

If we can help you in your purpose, we are happy to do so.’