36.18 PORTUGAL, Figueiró dos Vinhos, The Voice in the Well

Tuning in to the well on the territory of Rosemarijn. We saw that a woman was killed there somewhere in the past. 

“I am suffocating, I am worn down from all the suppression, all the limits, all the rules of the patriarchal society, so I cannot breathe, I drown in my own darkness, in my own emotions. I need to be free to flourish, to share my wisdom, to share my care for people. I am you and I am all people, all women, all men. I cannot breathe, because time and again I am pushed down under water into the well of forgetfulness. I am the voice of your heart and intuition and I am down here under the garden. I know you can hear me. Please take me out.”

Rosemarijn: What can we do? 

“Free yourself from all limitations of the mind. Don’t think; surrender to the flow of life itself. You cannot think yourself out of the well, but what you can do is create a sacred space in which I can return, in which I can come forth. It is this sacred space that helps me to come back to the surface to be heard and to be seen. 

I am here and I am in the Red Sea. Create a sacred space with people, because it is not so much about finding a solution as well as creating a safe space for that which wants to be revealed or heard, to allow to happen. Don’t strangle me with your thoughts, open up, because I am in you. I am your womb and your heart and your eyes and your hands, to heal, to kiss, to connect, to share, to be of presence.”