36.17 PORTUGAL, Sintra, The Templar Revelation

Tuning in to the tomb of the Templar that we saw on our way to Sintra.

“There has been a long battle in this country, between forces of light and forces of darkness. As Templar knights we tried to hold the flame of light till the last moment. But our order has been corrupted, contaminated, and has been taken over by people who were in it for power, money and status. So all our knowledge, all our spiritual wisdom, got distorted and abused. This is happening to the very present day, your time, in which a cocktail of money, political power, economic profit and sexual magic has become a mixture, which is very potent and dangerous. 

Portugal is in a way a very innocent country with friendly people, but there is a specific group that abuses this friendliness. Your role is in lineage with our ancient tradition, starting from the Essenes, the Cathars, the Templar knights, the ones who are in connection to the Great Mother, to the source. And we ask you again to light this flame, to protect the sacred wisdom and the sacred places and to hold up the light for Mother Earth Gaia. Call out her name and her power, so she can be restored and nature can return to its original balance. 

By visiting the places of power, you light the beacons, until you come to the head of the dragon, which is Sintra. Call the warriors of light, gather the warriors of the heart and honour the Mother. By raising the vibration of light, the darkness loses its power. It cannot sustain its grip. You don’t need to fight it, you just have to gather your own forces and step into the light.”