36.16 PORTUGAL, Sintra, The Moon Temple

In Park Montserrat, tuning in to the mountain.

“There was an ancient moon temple, as you know, on this mountain, but actually the mountain itself was the moon temple – dedicated to the god Sin, because the moon gave information about the calendar, the circles of time, and it was studied here in the time of Atlantis. 

This was a sacred place in the Atlantean civilisation where people came to study the changes of time, to know the future, to look into the past and into the far future. They would see the collapse of Atlantis. This is a place where they gathered a lot of their ancient information and wisdom, to be stored into this mountain, into the great crystal that is under the top of the mountain. 

There have been a lot of fights over this place and over the wisdom and the power it contains, because it is the most direct lineage to the ancient past of Atlantis. It is here that you set foot to build your school to repeat the history and to make a next step to collect all art, all wisdom, all energies, all plants for a next stage in evolution. So people can learn and study and understand their own role in the greater play of things. 

Soon many things will be cleared away of the surface of the earth. Don’t worry about it, it’s part of the scheme of things to come. But is has always taken the guardians and the warriors of the heart to keep the knowledge and preserve it for future generations. You can only preserve it by joy.”