36.15 PORTUGAL, Sintra, Gate to Atlantis

Tuning in to the ocean. We are feeling that a gate can be opened to the sun in the east, and a gate to the sea in the west, to raise the energies of Portugal. Anne feels the energies of the Azores.

“Welcome to the city and the land of Atlantis, this deep and ancient continent that used to be a civilisation before the current civilisation. We are your ancestors, your great great great greatparents, so there is a direct lineage from us to you. And by tuning in to us you restore the line and by restoring the lineage you’re able to receive the ancient wisdom that we had. About tellurian lines through the earth, about the power of the elements, the power of water, the power of stone, the power of wind, and the power of fire, but most of all the power of ether. We knew how to influence the elements by our minds, but we forgot the heart and thus our civilisation was destroyed. We were masters in influencing the climate, the temperature, the elements of nature, because we were still highly spiritually evolved, connected to the source. But we forgot to honour the Mother. We forgot to be humble. We forgot to be in service. We became masters. 

You inherited our tradition. That’s why Europeans have become masters of the world. They spread their knowledge, their power across all continents. They invented capitalism, and the abuse of the Mother: the power of money, the extraction of the elements from the earth. But also you have to bow your head and become of service instead of being the conquerer. 

Bow down your head, become humble, listen instead of demanding, open up and receive instead of giving advice, and knowing it all. It is not through your minds that you will survive, because you will falter, just like us. It is through your heart and through the womb that new life will come. Not through the technology of the mind. Before you go into space – what will definitely happen in the future – you will have to take care of the Mother. Without a healthy nourishing planet you will be lost. 

We are guarding the ancient spiritual powers that can only be unleashed if you are ready to use them and if you surrender your ego to the soul of the Great Mother. Then nothing can stop you from healing, yourself, your culture and this planet. But you have yo ask to receive. You have to go down, to be able to stand up. Go to the bottom of the ocean, to the ancient libraries of Atlantis, to the circle within the circle within the circle. The holy of holiest in the heart of Atlantis. It is there where the goddess Gaia resides, waiting to be reborn from the depth of the ocean. Kiss her awake.”