36.14 PORTUGAL, Guadaloupe, The Meaning of Stone Circles

Ton wakes up at night from a haunting dream:

“Someone jumped to the bottom of the ocean, someone without arms nor legs. He jumped in the knowledge that he would be saved by Olympic divers, but he jumped fearlessly, knowing that he would pick up something from the depths of the ocean. People said: diving into the depths with such confidence deserves an Olympic medal.

When I woke up, I knew: that is me. I could feel the pain in my arms and legs. Anne and me are indeed jumping into the unknown, confident that others will support us and that we won’t be crushed or drowned in the process. It certainly brought up a lot of sadness and pain.

Then I saw the image from the movie The Abyss: I was standing at the bottom of the ocean and a creature from the water world came up to me and made contact with my hand through a wall of water.

He said: “It is about Atlantis. It is old knowledge.” He took me to an ancient city of Atlantis, a kind of three-circle city. There was a library of stones. He told that all knowledge of Atlantis and how it went down was kept in stone circles. That whole knowledge is set in stones, because that was their language of writing, that was what they did best: energetically storing knowledge into stones. They left these stones on earth with the purpose to inform us in this time specifically. 

They are also the ones making the crop circles, through time, as a message for this moment. A moment in which we could again fall into the trap of Atlantis and go down again. But they have actually passed on all the information to warn us.

All crop circles are about the technology of the heart. That technology always works in the form of circles, it is a circular technology, but it also works with fractals, mathematical patterns. I received all that information. 

Finally I asked: what can I do? And then they said: remember who you are . I then saw some kind of king of Atlantis. That was you, they said, but it all went wrong in the end. I may have gotten into a certain arrogance or power. That is the reason why I now energetically support world leaders not to make the same mistake again, or to gain that understanding that they need to step out of that arrogance and stay in service and not step into their ego.

Stonehenge, Callanish, Carnac… Carnac is a complete coding for this time, a whole story, with many pages. They’ve tried to leave things behind through the ages so that we could start reading it now. I feel that I now have access to those stone and crop circles, but more important even would be that scientists take a serious look at them and can extract information from them, so that they can build a new technology.”