36.13 PORTUGAL, Tomar, Unlock the Paradise of Portugal

At the Templar’s Castle in Tomar. Ton feels a portal of light opening.

“A time is coming that you will flock to these places of light, to find and to keep your connection with the soul. It is all these points of light spread out over the world that will preserve the soul of the earth ad the soul of humanity. And you are the guardians, the guardians of light, the templars of the heart. It is here that you kiss awake the heart and soul of Portugal and the Great Goddess Cale or Gaia that has been resting and sleeping and been forgotten for ages. 

You will start here an international center of light, where many people can listen and learn and be nourished by this spiritual layer of wisdom, so they can come back home to their own soul and know what to do in the coming years. It’s not going to be easy, it’s goint to be a challenge. But what is better than a good challenge? Because without darkness there is no light, and without light there is no darkness. Both need to be there for creation to happen. You need duality to come to oneness. 

So you who are these warriors of light, who are willing to go every inch of the way to put yourself in service of the greater whole, you need to stay connected to the light and be willing to face the darkness. Those two intentions are of extreme importance. Don’t be scared of the darkness and don’t be overwhelmed by the light. Because both are in you, you own both sides of the coin. And between those two, between the dark and the light, you keep your humanity. 

That is where the heart comes in. Between black and white there is red, the red of the heart. It is the heart that connects everything. That’s the power you have as human beings, to connect from your heart. To others, on the horizontal level, and to the light and the darkness on the vertical level. You are the center, the key, to unlock multiple dimensions of love and light. You are the key to unlock the paradise of Portugal. Go through the gates, to enter the holy of holiest, and kiss the earth awake.”