36.20 PORTUGAL, Tomar, The New Templars of This Time

“Tomar is the gate, it’s the opening towards a new future. It is like the birth channel to come out on the other side. Until now you have been residing in the womb, feeling the mother energy, feeling the pain and sorrow of the mother, and the anger of this country and of the feminine that has been suppressed and not ackowledged. And you should feel that, because without it you don’t understand the soul of Portugal. But it’s like the initiation of the nine gates; you have to go through the next gate, the birth, to come into the light, to let go of the darkness, to let go of the unconsciousness and open up to the sun, the energy of the sun consciousness. From the Moon to the Sun. 

The sun is also the heart, and when you talk about communities it are the communities based on the heart – the Heart Communities, as Marcel and Monique call it. Where people connect through the heart, not through the mind or through power, but in an open space circle, where everyone brings in their part, their piece of the puzzle.”

I see a phoenix rising from that open space, from that circle, in Tomar. A phoenix rising out of the tomb of the Templars underneath the church. Under the chapel there is a tomb where the original heart of the Templars is burried and with it their spiritual ambition, their honour, their integrity. The heart got smashed and wounded and the once great Templar tradition, serving the feminine, died down and became a soulless organisation, ruled by power and greed. But that which has died will arise anew and the new Templars of this time will gather, and raise their swords of light, and brind back the vow to protect the sacred feminine, to honour the grail, and to be guardians of Mother Earth. It is these Templars – both men and women – that understand the needs of society and of humankind in this time of transition. 

Bring back the heart here and in Sinai, where the leaders of the heart will rise and herald the age of the sun, the age of enlightenment.”