36.06 PORTUGAL, Evora, The Power Place of the Great Mother

We are in Evora. Anne is doing her Women’s Council, and Eran and me have been walking through the town and we sit on the top, on the roof of the cathedral, with a 360° view over town and over the land. Quite a magical place here. Seems like the whole building and city are grown organically and become one big organism of stone and towers, buildings. I am tuning in to the energy.

“This is the power place of the Great Mother. Just like you went to the power place of the North: the Schiehallion, here is the power place of the south: Evora. The name of the Great Mother but also the name of the yew tree. Which was connected to the crone, the old wisdom of the grandmothers. Like you had the most ancient yew tree next to the Schiehallion, this was a place of yew trees, a place of wisdom, connected to power. 

So it’s time to start to use your power, because it is yours to use. Don’t be afraid to use it. When the three of you are together you are creating this triangle, this sacred space, through which the portal can be opened and you can go deep into the ground, like Anne is doing right now with the women. You can connect to this earthly power of the Great Mother. And this is exactly what is needed in this time of war, when the patriarchal powers are taking over control, which is a very immature masculine energy. So it needs to be countered by this mature, old wisdom of the crone, of the grandmothers. 

So gather your forces, gather your troops, to echo the voice of the Mother, to make it heard in the world today. Not to start a new religion or to become famous or to gain status, but to use this power as a positive healing force. A process of initiation, from duality to oneness: the duality of the patriarchy towards the oneness of the Goddess. 

This will release you of your burden and of your heavy breathing and lack of breath. When you take in all your space and connect to that broader force, than you don’t need to carry it, it just runs through you. You need to become like an open channel, an open source. For that you need to be connected all the time, going inwards into the Matrimandir, the Temple of the Mother. You are sitting on top of it. But also in it, because it is so much bigger than only a building of stone. 

Visualise this grand ball of light, this temple of light as a circle all around you. And then let that light shine forth from that centre, that ball, into the world around you. And think as if a sun is coming out of the ground rising up, heralding a new dawn, a dawning in which the wisdom of the Mother is being shared again. It’s the men, and also women, who are holding the space for that. Who are the guardians of the temple, the warriors of the heart, the leaders of the future. Don’t play small anymore.”

Ton: (laughing) I hear this sentence: “Think big or go home!” (laughs) 
And I say: this is a tough lady, cause I hear a tough lady, and she replies:

“I am not tough, I am just loving you for who you are. And it’s time to acknowledge your greatness. 
This tower is also representing the moment of the 8th of November: the 8 towers, and rising in the middle is the 9th, is the dome, is the great center. When you started, you passed through two towers, which represent  duality. But then walking over the roof you come to the one tower, the one dome. 
So let the bells be heard and let the music start. Everything is part of the divine plan.”