36.07 PORTUGAL, Guadalupe, The Stone Circle of Cromeleque dos Almendres

With Anne, Eran and Noa. In the Stone Circle of of Cromeleque dos Almendres with a view of Evora on the horizon. We are tuning in to what this place is all about. I see this healer, so the shaman from an older time. 

“We used to be and sit here for hours, dreaming the future. We were the rishis from this area, seeing beyond time and space and actually traveling through time and space to other moments in history. We were laying the foundations of human society, energetically, and we used the stones as a sacred space, as a temple, to protect our bodies while we were traveling. So it’s like a portal.

You can use the portal as well by tuning in and letting your bodies rest and let your spirit soar free from your body, traveling to other times. This is a combination of focussed discipline, but also surrender to where your soul wants to bring you to show you what you need to see. Could be in the past, could be in the future. It’s like using plant medicine, but then without the plant, it is using stones. I hear: don’t eat them though (laughs).

By connecting your souls the medicine becomes stronger, because you can travel together and you open up a bigger portal. That’s why you needed to come the four of you, two men two women, to open up the fifth: the Golden One. 

Go deep into the earth.”