36.04 PORTUGAL, Monsanto, The Seventh Gate

With Eran, Noa and Anne in the citadel of Monsanto, the sacred mountain. I hear the voice of a Templar Initiate or Elder.

“Why were we called the Templar Knights? Because we were knights for the temple – but the inner temple, the temple of the divine feminine. And all these gates you passed were gates of initiation. Seven gates to come to the holy of holiest, which is the heart. Those steps of initiation are universal. So we connected to that universal wisdom of initiation, going into the innermost secret, entering the mystic heart or the temple. 

You are invited as well into this sacred space, which is beyond time and space. 

So forget the fortifications, they are just the outer walls. Forget the gates, forget the steps leading up here. Forget the road through life that brought you to this place. But open up to the next gate, the seventh gate. Which is a gate between heaven and earth. The moment you bow down to the great mystery, you will see the greater cause you are here for. 

Like we came in our time to serve that greater cause, to dedicate our lives, to bring the sacred back in the mondane. So we worked with sacred geometry, we worked with sacred places, and we tried to unite the religions. Many things are misunderstood in history, because people don’t have that higher awareness and they explain it to the level of their own awareness. But you have to go to the highest awareness in yourself, connect to that sacred temple within your own heart. 

Reunite the masculine and the feminine. The Grail Knight and the Lady of Wisdom, the Lady of Turquoise. Open up to higher vision and become part of that sacred community – that is within the other realm – of men and women, priests and knights and queens and jesters and wild women and wild men and lovers, all gathering around the sacred heart, to awaken the sacred heart within the world. 

Initiate the red altar. Connect the mountain and the sea, so the angels can come down.”