36.03 PORTUGAL, Figueiro dos Vinhos, Look at the Stars

With Eran, walking up a hill on top of Figueiró dos Vinhos. We can see 360° around us. There is a little chapel, which seems to be built within an old place of a castle. 

“To understand this place you have to go back in history to a very ancient time, even before the Romans and even before the Celtic time. There used to be a mountain kingdom, spanning over the area which you call now Spain and Portugal. On the outskirts this was a guard place, a guardian tower, overlooking the area outside of the kingdom. We’re talking about like 5000 BC, an ancient civilisation originating from the time of Atlantis – more like 10.000 BC – and these were the remnants of that civilisation. Not much is left, neither of the buildings nor of its high technological advancement and spiritual wisdom. It has been going down gradually to this time, where you completely lost the knowledge of the ancient civilisations. Like you said, you are in Kali Yuga, the most dense, the most materialistic time, when people lose the connection to the source. They have no clue where they are coming from, neither where their purpose is, nor their visions for the future. 

So this watch tower, this Magdal-eder, helps you to look at past, present and future. It helps you to dream up the future. To look at what’s ahead of you, by knowing what is behind you, so you can make the right next step. Your wisdom comes from the stars, focus on them and you will receive the information you need on this planet. Connect to the ocean and to the depth of the sea. Because it is in between these two elements, the mountains and the sea, that your path is. It’s the rivers that connect the mountains to the sea. These are the life lines.” 

I also feel that we have to connect to the bell tower closeby, Belmonte, and Monsanto. 

“In Monsanto you’ll find another key to your own soul mission and to the history of Portugal. Are there any questions?”

Eran: Is there anything more to know about the stars?

“As you know your origin to the human species is not from this planet, but from different star systems. They started civilisations on certain places on earth; they were the seeding places of humanity and the seeding places of cultures and religions. So this mountain kingdom was one. You feel the ancient seeds are still in the ground here. So when you open up your consciousness, you will connect back to the stars and connect back to the source. Your origin. By doing that you will know your reason for being here, for making the next step in evolution. You are emissories, messengers, for this higher knowledge to be grounded into a new phase.” 

All the time I see a kind of an old lady, and she just changed into a younger woman. With a kind of blue. 

“It’s not easy to have access to that ancient place because it is so forgotten in time. But by opening the door here, by opening up this guardian place, you are opening up the door towards this ancient kingdom and towards this ancient civilisation. 

Europe is discending from Atlantis, but it lost so much of its high knowledge. Actually here, on the outskirts of the continent, you will get much more close connection to it. Because there is not a lot of disturbance, it has been sleeping for eons. 

The star constellations are mirroring places in Portugal. So originally this was not only a place to look at the land but also to look at the stars and to understand the celestial map. So you might need to come back here some time during the night to look at the stars. Afterwards this place, this rock, this mountain, has been conquered by knighthood, by Templars, by the Celts. But before that it used to be a sacred place dedicated to the Mother Goddess.” 

Funny, I hear the name Evora. Like Evora was the name of the Mother Goddess.