36.02 PORTUGAL, Evora, The Bigger Picture

On the central square in Evora. Ton sees the image of a sleeping king under the ground who must be awakened. The Return of the King. Anne feels the templar knights, who must reunite in this country. We wonder what we are doing in the country. 

“Your view is too small, too limited. You need to look at a much broader scope. Because you are in connection with world events, with a world change. The moment you make it too small, you start to stare blindly at your local situation. But you need to have an overview with a much larger scope. 

It’s like these storks are flying above the world, looking down. Because if you’re looking too small, you will see problems, you will see stones on the road. If you look from above you see the whole landscape, the whole horizon, the past and the future. 

Don’t limit yourself, don’t think yourself small, see yourself in this enlightened state of being. You have to raise your frequency and raise your consciousness to get the picture and the overall purpose of your journey. It’s connected to an evolutionary process, to create the new humankind, the transpersonal human being. Trust the process and follow your path. Collect all the pieces of the puzzle and slowly you will get clarity on the reason you are here in this country.”