36.01 PORTUGAL, Lisbon, Seven Cities

Tuning in to Portugal with Agnes. Feeling the energy of the Kabbalah. Agnes sees seven old spots, seven cities, like the seven candles of the menora. 

“Seven cities, seven steps in consciousness, seven lights to ignite, to awaken the collective Shechina. Awakening the feminine body and the Christ heart. It’s a birthing process that brings back the light into the world. 

I am the light of the world, shining from that deep primordial space of matter. Within the greatest darkness, the greatest pressure, that light of the diamond shines forth to the surface of the earth. It’s from the deepest realms of consciousness that the new spark is felt and experienced. A spark that will destroy all old forms, old concepts, old thinking. It will set aflame everything that is no longer valid. It will crumble to ashes, and from the ashes the phoenix will rise.” 

Ton: I see these seven cities again, of which Porto, and Lisbon might be the seventh… Around them I can see a circle with the seven signs of the zodiac. I see geometrical patterns moving around each other, as sequences following one another: the pyramides, a hexagon, an octagon… I also see a flower of life, in which these patterns show.