25.49 UK, Iona, The Message of Columba

In Argyll Hotel, Iona. Ton hears the voice of Columba, who brought christianity from Ireland to Iona.

“When we came here, we tapped into the ancient traditions of the druids, of the Celtic and the Pictish tradition. Which was very much connected to the earth itself, to the sky, to the water, the land, the fire – all these elements together. We brought in the fifth element of the Christ, which was out tradition coming from Ireland. But is was this connection of all these four directions, these four powers, four elements, coming together, that made Iona what it is today: a powerful center of transfiguration and synchronicity.

It is here that people could connect to all five elements and feel elevated to a new level of existence. That’s what we experienced and lived by example, and many people will feel that same energy. The more people will go through that process, the easier it is for new people to come as well and tap into the same alchemical cauldron of transformation.

We left our energy in the stones. Not only the stones of the abbey, but the stones and the rocks of the island itself. There is a magic in the earth itself that opens up, when you connect to it, when you open your heart. Because that is the key that opens the door: your own heart is connected to the heart of the world.

This is the way of the mystics, which we walked and many have walked before us. To open your heart and invite the other world, the unseen world, the divine world or God into your own lives and thus you create the magic of life. This is what humans can do to the land, to bring a new level of consciousness.

While you are heading towards your climate conference we can tune in through time, because we did the same: bringing consciousness into an era that was difficult and dark, as your time is difficult and dark in its own way. You have to lift it up by the consciousness of the heart, by the wisdom of the heart, to bring and herald a new era. But that won’t go without upheaval and crisis. Those are part of the change, part of the transformation. You need the darkness to come to the light.

Much love and blessings on your journey through your time, from us.”


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