25.14 UK, London, Merlin Speaking to the Captains of Industry

Tuning into the center of London, with Rai, Cedric and Florence.

‘This is Merlin speaking to all the captains of industry of the modern day business world. You are the knights of the round table of this era, and you have to take your responsibility to be in service of the greater good, to be of service of the divine, to be of service of the people. Because only your own self-interest won’t help you anymore. It is too limited. You have to combine or transcend this self-interest to world interest and through that you will become the ones that you are supposed to be. Strong influencers of the earth, by becoming servants of her. By becoming in service you will reach so much more, because the more you give, the more you will receive. So take this message and think about it. And see what you can do in your company to bring about this message of service to the greater good of all.’

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