18.19 NEDERLAND, Amsterdam, Master Kuthumi Speaking

Ton and Agnes in the Whale house, connecting to Master Kuthumi.

“I am the Master teacher, working with all disciples that expire to do light work, working with the earth grid, the energy lines, the dragon lines of the earth. The vortexes or power places and all work of consciousness to alleviate the level of awareness of humankind.

It is these disciples who become teachers for others to pass on the wisdom and knowledge of energetic work and to work on the earth grid. This can only be done through the wisdom of the heart, which is a doorway to another reality. To do this you have to understand the alchemical principles of turning lead into gold, of lifting your awareness from an ego level to a soul level.

You are connecting to my teachings, because you are a big enough light in the whale-house and through combined and shared effort you spread the teachings to a wider public, preparing a large network of light workers to stand up and take their place in the events to come. 

Now the world will be shaken by waves of transformations, waves of change. Physical change and psychological change. It is of the utmost importance that people root themselves, not in the material world, but in the spiritual world. So through this anchoring they will stay connected to the source and are flexible enough to deal with the waves of change. The network is important to connect with other souls, so you don’t get lost on your own. Every time these light workers connect with each other they form a bond, a soul contract to help each other to alleviate their mind.

Amsterdam is a harbour of spiritual agents, sailers of the soul, who come and go to the canals and to the cabalistic centre point on the Dam square, heart of the city and at the same time, this heart is like a pearl in the vulva, the great mother, symbolized by water, by the birthing energy of the Amstel into the IJ. The world is opening up here. Opening up to a new freedom, a new awareness, a new sensuality that embraces life in its fullest. Hold the space.”