18.18 NEDERLAND, Amsterdam, The All Seeing Eye and Atlantis

Ton and Agnes in the Whalehouse. Connecting with the IJ and to the museum The Eye on the other side of the water. Ton feels the energy of Atlantis and the Azores and also feels the connection with the Octopus and the 8 arms tentacles and hears a date: March 28 2024. 

“The All seeing Eye and the eightfold-path, eight steps towards a new time frame, a new phase in history.

The Atlantic story is coming to an end and you will experience again the fall, the downfall of a civilization. Yet this downfall is at the same time a birth, a birthing time, death and birth will meet. And the Azores is one of the meeting places, one of the portals that connects the Atlantean time with a new Lemurian time, you could say coming up. A time of abundance and spiritual values, a time of awareness and consciousness, a time of the freedom of the spirit. Realizing your culture is ending its destructive patterns, you  are opening up to a new possibility, a new future.

The sea animals will show you the way. By connecting to them you will become aware of their perception, their way of looking at things, swimming in these endless oceans. Their awareness is not only limited to their body, but they are connected through the water with all creatures in the sea. This is how they communicate and send information all over the globe. And by coming to the Azores you will connect to this collective consciousness as well. You will expand your own awareness in unlimited ways.

Atlas carries the world, just as the statue on the Royal Palace on Dam square, showing the man Atlas carrying the globe. But you don’t need to carry it anymore. The time of Atlas and the Atlanteans is coming to an end. The era of Sedna, the queen of Atlantis, is starting. It is a shift, like passing the torch from one person to another, from one era to another era. From an Atlantean consciousness to a Lemurian consciousness.

The indigenous people have been preparing this, for many many ages and they are aware of this transit period. They will be your guides, but also people in your own culture who have prepared for this transition are the guides or shamans of change. Don’t be afraid to let go off the old on all kinds of levels in your work, in your relationships, in your family, in your cultures and politics.

Open up for the new, let go of the old, but do it in a gentle way. It is not a revolution, it is an evolution, an evolutionary leap into the unknown. Prepare yourself to jump and know that you will be carried and safeguarded all along the way.”