18.17 NEDERLAND, Amsterdam, The Void

Ton and Agnes in the Whalehouse. Agnes has physically fallen on the portal of 8:8, it felt like a near death experience, a falling through time. When tuning in, a field immediately opens. 

“We would like to talk to you about Dark Matter. Dark space. It is the place where everything originates; it is beyond your three dimensions, your reality. But in this other reality, in this other world everything is possible, it is utter chaos, but it is creative chaos. You could call it God or Goddess. Because from here all thoughts emanate and become reality in your dimensions. So to travel there as you did on the 8/8 you travelled through this portal into this dark matter to connect with it and open the gate between the two dimensions. 

This is not without risk, because the possibility is there that you don’t come back from that other realm. So it demands a lot of spiritual practice and maturity to become a master of the two worlds, the other world and this world. Normally people die, when they go to the other world, because they don’t know how to keep the door open between the dimensions, it is an inner door. 

But some people are trained to travel between dimensions, between times, between different realities.

The coming year 2024, will be an 8 year and 8 is the symbol for this meeting of dimensions, meeting between the other world and this world. It also is a symbol for Eternity, unlimitedness.

Because in the other worlds there are no limits. Here you live in a world of limitations. Limitations of time, limitations of space, limitations of age, limitations of your body. But in the other world you are unlimited and that is why you have divine consciousness. You can perceive anything you want at the same time. 

The fall of humankind – as being described in the story of Adam en Eve – means that human consciousness has been trapped in the world of matter and lost the door to the other side, but in this 8th year the door will open again. People will start to understand there are different realities. There are many possibilities that they are cocreators of this world. That this is not just a given with laws of physics and laws of nature but that there are laws which you call universal laws and they divine reality, not only your personal reality but also your collective reality and your collective future.

As soon as humanity starts to understand this, you become cocreators again. You will start to use the energy of the soul, the divine energy to create another future, because this time-line is going to end – or better: it is ending at the moment. It is deteriorating. It cannot sustain itself anymore. It is like you have created a prison to step out of the prison, to step out of the matrix. The world you created is basically an illusion. It is a story you started to believe in. But if you let go of the story and let go of your illusion you will open up to an unlimited field of possibilities. You will reconnect to divine consciousness. You will know who your creator is, your source – because it is you.

The veil between life and death will become very thin and yet this is the moment when miracles can happen, where the quintessence of cocreating is being perceived and felt. This is the wisdom of the Whales who have carried this information and the possibility to travel between dimensions for eons. They are the time keepers.

You, Agnes and many others, are preparing the way, you are the midwives and midmen to open the doors between dimensions. Some do this through hallucinogen drugs, which is a possibility, used by shamans in South America and other continents, but the mind itself can do this through a lot of practice and detachment. Detachment of ego, detachment of matter and status and power. 

The more transparent you become as a human being, the more the whole universe shines through you as a radiant light. You become the door, you become eternity, you become the path and the light at the end of the path.

Don’t try to understand these words but let them sink into you, so they become the seeds of your new you.”