29.37 ISRAEL, Gaza, On the War of October 7th

We get the information that Gaza aggressed Israel and so that a war has begun. We tune in to what is needed right now. 

“More than ever it is needed to stand your ground, to speak your truth, to stand up for peace and for justice, to call for the power of the heart and bring love and truth into the world. The spiritual path is not for the weak hearted, it is for those who stand strong in the storm, who keep their middle ground, avoid the extremes of violence, of hatred, of the emotional body that calls for action and reaction. The only way forward is to anchor yourself deeply in the energy of the heart, that has compassion for all sides, compassion for the victims as well as for the perpetrators. Because both are lost – and both are part of you. 

But there is another part, a third part, that stands in the silence, in the middle of the volcano, that holds both opposites and focusses on the center ground. This is where the opposites come together, where all pieces of the puzzle form a harmony, a clearer picture – that doesn’t smooth over the rough edges, that doesn’t put a blind eye to injustice or pain or suffering, nor is afraid to call out those that kill or stir anger and hatred. Keep your middle ground, root yourself in love and truth and know that this is all part of the process. 

By entering the desert you will find the secret, the hidden wisdom that contains the seeds and the tools for a future of peace and connection. Don’t doubt your path, go step by step, slowly slowly, working towards a higher awareness.”