15.20 RUSSIA, Moskow, A New Identity

‘You have to understand that Russia is searching for its identity, for its place in the world play, in the world economy. After the fall of the Soviet Union there has been a long time of disorientation and soul searching. And at this time Russia tries to define itself again, not by looking to the East, to China, nor by looking to the West, but by looking within, at its ancient traditions, its ancient cultures, its ancient religion, its ancient land. So you have to understand its position in this time. It is gathering its own power before going into the world, before trying to connect to other countries. 

The issue here in Russia is about power, who controls power, who has the power. It is a very male oriented society – but for the two of you, you are here again to awaken the feminine, to awaken the goddess power in this country. Which is very much connected to the earth itself, to nature, to the trees, to the rivers, to the air, to the animals. So while you are here within this building block of modern civilisation, of destruction of labels, you have to search for your connection to the soil, to the earth itself. Because the male part of Russia is still feeding the male power in the Middle East, through money, through weapons, through the oil trade, through political deals. But it is the feminine part that is needed for the healing of both Russia and the Middle East. 

So what you can do here is to make a little ritual, take a little time to honour the goddess. To look for the goddess, because she is everywhere. But you can find the space and the symbols of that divine feminine power to honour her, and by doing so opening up the portal of Moscow, of the churches of the Kremlin, where the power place of Moscow is located. Here you can manifest the shift from the dominant patriarchal religion to the more feminine earth religion. It is all about healing. 

The challenge for you during this journey is to look beyond the outer forms, to go beyond your judgement, beyond the things you see, and to look deeper within. With the eyes of your heart; you have to look through your heart to see beyond the outer world. When you do so, you will be able to see on a deeper level and you will recognise the needs and the hunger for a spiritual fulfilled life. There is a great hunger here for authenticity and truthn while there is a lot of corruption and distortion as well. So look for the real power beyond the fake power.’