10.19 FRANCE, Montségur, The Longest Night

“The more you go deep into the night, the more you go into silence, the more you leave the world of the ego, the personality, and the quieter it becomes. So the real self can emerge. It is this movement from the outer world to the inner world that brings a deep peace. It is letting go of all your perceptions, your expectations, your thoughts of who you are, your attempts to grasp reality… Just to let yourself fall into the nothingness. Not knowing where the road will take you. Opening up to this vast love that is beyond everything.

So when we will leave the world of the day, of the daylight, and go into the unknown of the night, we have a possibility of getting a glimpse of our soul.

An old world is dying and a new one is starting. And you are the midwives, the light bringers, the ones who are holding the space. Believe in yourself, trust your intuition and your feelings, and know that behind all the chitchat of the mind there is a deeper wisdom. Take your true role and your true leadership. Don’t be afraid that you will be alone. That might seem so at moments, but you are not. You are always connected to this fabric of life, with the heartbeat of the planet, the heartbeat of the Mother. Know that in this hour of darkness the light is being born. That light is you, you waking up to your real self. So welcome yourself in this new day, this new year, and say farewell to the old.”


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