10.15 FRANCE, Clermont-Ferrand, La Vierge Noire

At the foot of the Puis de Dome, near Clermont-Ferrand.

‘La Vierge Noire, the Black Madonna. She is here in her full power and full manifestation. This is the darkness of Mother Earth, the dark feminine, both in its terrifying form as well as in its nourishing form. She is the head of the dragon embodying the whole mountain area here. The whole Massif Central and its volcanoes contain this enormous power of regeneration and immortality. It is from here that the civilisation started in the heart of France in a very ancient time. Seeds were sown for the beginning of what would later be called Europe. But here was an important royaume, a kingdom, connected with the Great Mother, connected with the gods. By awakening the ancient tradition, you‘ll bring back the heart, you’ll bring back the king of hearts and the queen of power. She is sleeping here, as well as the king of old. And it’s you who have to kiss her awake and bring back the masculine and the feminine, so the sacred marriage between heaven and earth can take place.’


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