10.14 FRANCE, Saint-Père, The Information of the Fontaines Salées

At Les Fontaines Salées, near Vézelay. Sitting in the centre of the old temple.

‘You have to go beyond the words and your own images or thoughts towards the dream time. This was a space where we gathered to connect to the earth, to connect to the waters, to the source, the sacred salt. It contains information, it stores information. Your society has lost this connection to gain access to the spirit world of nature. Thus you have become rational and logical, but you are living in a two-dimentional world and you have lost the capacity of perception beyond the three dimensions. There is so much more to perceive through time and space. It’s only when you open the doors of perception in your mind that you will connect to this source. Your bodies are walking libraries of information throughout time. That is stored in your dna; all of history, from millions of years ago, from other planets, other star constellations. From the mammals, and the reptilians, the trees and the plants, they are all part of your dna. But you only use a little part of it for survival. Most of it is there to connect to the other dimensions. But since you fell down from the Garden of Paradise, and lost consciousness, you are merely living in a superficial state of mind.

So we like to invite you to come back to that richer reality, that is beyond, and that is you. You are a vessel of interdimensional realities walking on earth, being much more than your body, than blood and bones and brains. You have the ability to open up to all these dimensions, to other star systems and communicate with other beings that are not from planet Earth. Like we did in the ancient times. We connected to all the planets in the universe, because we knew we are not the only ones here. We are part of this large network of stellar beings, traveling from place to place, creating colonies for humankind to explore different worlds, to boldly go where no man has gone before. This is still your purpose: to go beyond, to explore and to discover new worlds. Because by doing that you understand who you are. Creative beings, interdimensional beings.

The sacred Hill of the Scorpion was the gathering place for the teachers and the druids and the priests of old. It was there that they connected with the stars and that they read the omens in the stellar constellations. You could call it a planetarium. Remember where you are from, remember who you are and what you came here to do. Open up the gate of the Scorpion Hill, so the eagle can fly.’

(Les Fontaines Salées, 26/06/21)

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