10.17 FRANCE, Vichy, La Sourcière

Tuning in to the energies of the sources of Vichy.

‘La Sourcière est devenue la sorcière. The dark feminine is originally connected to the source, to the deep caves of Mother Earth, to the water that is coming from deep down, from the fires within the earth. She’s a master of the elements, fire, water, air and earth, and she connects all of them into the fifth element, the element of magic.

But all this is long ago, and the dark feminine was cast into the shadows and she retreated leaving a curse upon mankind, upon France. She is the ancient version of Maleficent, connected to the devas of nature, connected to the animals, connected to the other dimensions that are ruling our reality. But without it we are nothing, we become like empty shells. Clinging to material stuff, to consumerism, and we lost the soul. It is her, the dark feminine, that can bring back the soul, if we bow down to her, if we acknowledge her existence. If we know that we are limited with our consciousness.

The masculine has taken over and made this world into a superficial society that doesn’t know about the deeper sources, the deeper currents of the soul. So it is you who is calling upon the dark feminine, or sorcière, to bring her back, to honour her, ro recognise her as a part of the divine feminine: the red, the white and the black aspects of femininity. The dark one, the passionate one and the enlightened one. All three. Like the holy trinity in patriarchy there’s a holy trinity in the feminine: the virgin, the mother and the crone. They make up the completeness, the wholeness of the feminine force. If you connect to the water, you can go down into the earth and reach the deep cavities of the source, which are connected to all the other water sources and underground rivers.

Open up the source in your heart, cause only through love and compassion these deeper sources of wisdom can be tapped into and be released into the world. Be generous, be powerful, be joyful, because the time is upon you to shine and let your wisdom flow into the world and come to the surface.’


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