06.39 EGYPT, Cairo, I Am the Future

Tuning in in the face of a young girl on our way to Egypt.

‘I am the future and I am coming towards you, as you are coming towards me. You have to understand this concept: time is not linear, it’s driven by intention. While you make your intention clear, your soul intention, you move closer to the desired future you want. When there is no intention, you just drift through time – and most people drift. But when you focus your attention and you set a clear intention, you create a future that you want to achieve. 

On the other hand, as you are open to receive the signals of the future, that future can come to you. It opens a gate, it opens a possibility of a certain reality, so you can move in that direction. Otherwise there is no opening, there is no possibility. So you create the possibilities by being receptive to the signs. 

So what I would like to invite you to on this journey is to be open to the signs and move in the direction of the future that I have been preparing for you, that is awaiting you. Blessings and enjoy with lots of love, abundance and comfort. Take the path towards a loving universe. Take the path towards a loving future. It’s all in your hands. No worries, no fear. Just go step by step and trust the path of love.’