17.12 TURKEY, Ararat, Follow the Bloodline

Preparing the next journey.

‘My children, first we like to congratulate you with the work you did today, which has been a tremendous healing influence. You should not underestimate this, since it has a huge impact on the world at large. The energy of surrendering, of being, of acknowledging many colours, is creating a force field. This force field in combination with the work you have been doing around Ararat is working from now on. It is a continuous process, because you have opened the door towards a strong healing power that is stored in the mountain, in an energetic space beyond the mountain. Now this door has been opened, but it is like a circle of thirteen doors, which will be opened one by one. So all the colours of healing will spread into the world. 

The journey towards the Ararat is a journey into the labyrinth of time and space. You need enough time to delve into the deeper layers of the area. All the members of the journey – we suggest about nine people – need to adjust their system to the energies of the area. It takes about three days to sink into the collective field.  

(Sem, the dog, is interfering all the time.)

We would like to remind you that Sem was the oldest son of Noach, and the founding father of the Semitic people. It is this bloodline that is important to follow back to its roots. So follow the bloodline. It’s like the pilgrim’s code: you follow it from Jerusalem, to Jericho, to Sanliurfa, to Abraham, back towards Noach, and from Noach to Enoch, and beyond. This is where we want to lead you; beyond the time of Enoch, when the Great Masters were still working on Ararat. When the Council was present on Earth and working for the greater good of humankind, until the great flood. 

Follow the People of the Book. Follow the Teachers, because they will lead the way back to the roots. The thirteenth tribe – the lost tribe – that is who you represent. You are the thirteenth tribe, finding the roots back, opening doors towards a forgotten history, and a forgotten part of the human race, in connection with the Masters, with the Angels, the Watchers, in a time when there was a co-creation between the angelic realm and the human realm. This is where creation started; where civilization started. There are huge powers involved and it takes great wisdom and great sensitivity to unlock those powers. You will definitely need them in the coming years, so be prepared. 

Be very gentle with each other and with yourself, because you will feel the influences of the abuse of those powers in yourself and within each of you, and you have to gently guide yourself and each other to stay grounded in the heart, in the gentleness and in the simplicity. It is through the heart connection the work can evolve. Be simple, be true, be kind. That is not an invitation, that is a command. J

At the end of august there is a doorway – a planetary constellation – that is very much beneficial to your endeavour. It is a collective happening/party and you will do the preparation for it. In your work it is important that you co-create with the people there: the Kurdish, the Turkish, the Armenian, Syrian and the Iranian people, who are expecting the return of the Mahdi. (The grandson of Mohammed, who works together with the Messiah, according to the Koran.) They are looking towards the mountain for their salvation. 

Don’t make any distinction between religions. It is all One. Don’t judge one or the other; look beyond the forms and see the essence of each religion, contributing to the root source, coming from the root source.’ 



1. Adam

2. Seth

3. Enos

4. Kenan

5. Mahalaheel

6. Jered

7. Enoch 

8. Methusalem 

9. Lamech

10. Noach 

11. Noach’s three sons and their wives re-populated the Earth:

– Sem: Middle Asia (semitic people) > Abraham > Ismael and Isaac

– Jafeth: Europe

– Cham: Afrika

The ninth descendant of Sem is Abraham. Abraham and Sarah, and Lot and his wife left Ur and moved to Sichem. A famine makes them leave for Egypt. Later on they come back and separate. 

Abraham and Hagar get a son, Ismael. Abraham and Sarah get a son as well, Isaac. 

Ismael got twelve sons, which will lead to the twelve tribes of the Islam. 

Isaacs son, Jacob, got twelve sons as well, who lead to the twelve tribes of Israel.