05.15 ETHIOPIA, Lalibela, The Prophecy of the 13 Grandmothers

‘The prophecy of the 13 Grandmothers has been fulfilled, on this very day. We say greetings to all people who have been co-creating this event for eons, because this was part of creation. 

Here the crystal of creation was first placed and after the Great War in an ancient time that there is no record of, the 13th gate was closed. But by your work, by your intention, this door has been opened again. 

It is the power of the heart that is leading you into news realms of existence. All of you have played an important part in this opening between heaven and earth. From here the waters of creation can flow into the world. These waters of consciousness will flow with you, though your hearts, through your hands and through your feet, wherever you go. 

Many people will come to this place, to this sacred place, to commemorate this very day in the name of Maria, in the name of the great goddess, in the name of Mother Earth.’