05.16 ETHIOPIA, Bahirdar, Healing Lake Tana

Tuning into Lake Tana, with Mulugeta.

‘The message for you both is about deep healing. It’s deep healing of your own body, healing of your past, and healing of an ancient connection between Africa and Europe, between black and white. Because in the past there have been so many disturbances and there has been so much inequality between these two polarities, and now is the time that this unification can start. Because in uniting there is power and strength. 

It doesn’t matter so much what you do, but it’s through you two traveling together that some healing takes place. You are the key to eachother. You both carry information that is important for the other person. So that’s the way you help eachother to heal your own wounds. 

This is always reflecting in the greater collective field, which is now the field here of Ethiopia. The water of the lake has a special power, especially during full moon. Because full moon has an influence on water, and water is the healing element. When water connects with consciousness – with a clear awareness of what you are coming to do here, what your question is about your own healing process – the water will respond. It will help you to clear out old patterns, old shame or guilt or things that are still on your mind and soul that are weighing you down. You can release it today by letting it go into the water. So you will be cleaned and cleansed of old stuff. And so you will be purifying yourself for a new day to come. 

Part of this healing is the healing of your masculinity and of your sexuality. This can only happen through the heart. The heart is the key to healing, because it is love that changes darkness into light. And the more you love yourself – the more you love your life, your body, your past, everything you did in the past – the more you can release any forms of pity or guilt or regret or shame. It’s this strong power of love that is transforming not only the individual but also the collective. 

So this lake is a lake of healing. It’s the source. It’s not only the source of the Blue Nile, but it’s also the source of universal water coming down to Ethiopia and towards Africa.’