05.19 ETHIOPIA, Bahirdar, Lake Tana, the Holy Waters of Healing

‘This is the lake of the Grandmothers, containing the holy water of healing and restoration. All these monasteries in sacred places together form a pyramid of light above the lake. Out of the depths of time the ancient knowledge has been restored through your enterprise, your journey, to the heart of Ethiopia. 

The two islands symbolise the feminine and the masculine energy that hold the pyramid together. You made a connection: the male into the feminine and the feminine into the male island. And thus the whole vortex, the whole earth gate, is opening at the moment. It’s all turning and you were the key, holding the ark in your midst. It is in the connection between your hearts that you have put the key into the hole and that the gate can open. You work has been done and you can rest and relax now. 

Know that you have made an historic change, although you cannot see it yet in material form. But it will be realised in forms you can never imagine, a thousand fold. 

Honour to you all and blessings on your way home.’