05.21 ETHIOPIA, Lalibela, Sacred Union

‘It is the coming together of the Grandmothers and the Grandfathers. Honouring the sacred wisdom of the physical union between heaven and earth, but manifested in the body. The evolution of mankind is a continuous process of incarnation and you are ready for a next phase of flowering, of opening up to your divine possibilities, which are needed in this time of transition. So it’s about anchoring the divine energies into the physical body. 

This can only be done through healing the lower chakras, healing the sexuality, in which most of the wounds have been manifested collectively. Because it’s here that the male and female energies have been most distorted and abused by both sides. And it is here that it can be healed, as well by honouring that precious vessel of the sacred body. So sacred union is in the first place the soul marrying to this vessel, to the physical body, and becoming fully available for this greater wisdom, this greater energy to work on an earthly level. 

This is about the healing of Africa. It’s about the healing of Mother Earth in a time when the abuse is at its greatest. When the abuse of the Great Mother is intense and is getting out of control. It is in bringing back the ancient wisdom of the Grand Mothers and Grand Fathers that the earth can be healed and transformed and be made ready for this next phase of mankind on earth. If not, your stay is limited. Do we need to be more clear?

It is up to you to focus on this great healing work that you will do with a lot of people. Not only the people who will travel with you, but with a large group of people who will tune in to their own bodies, to incarnate these higher energies into their cells and bones and blood. Into their yoni and their lingam. Into their legs and feet and hands and buttocks, and arms and shoulders and hands. So the heart can really shine through the physical manifestation of human beings. Because it’s this heart energy that is becoming stronger and is leading you into this new being. It’s like a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly. But for this the caterpillar needs to die. The old form, the old body, the old manifestation needs to disintegrate on many levels. On a physical level, but also on a cultural, financial and economical level, because with the old forms the planet will be dying. 

So your responsibility is great. But we invite you to have a good time and enjoy. Because it’s through joy that the love can enter into the womb and fertilize the process of the new birth of mankind.’